High-Quality Window Handles and Hinges in Glasgow

Find the right window handles and hinges for your property. At Around Glasgow Glazing, I provide a wide-selection at fantastic prices. Repairs or replacements are efficiently completed, and I tailor each service to your needs. Serving clients throughout Glasgow, I have a range of styles, types, and colours to suit the wide-range of windows and doors on the market.

Repair the Damage

Wear and tear occurs on all parts of your property, including your windows. Once you contact me, I attend your property to establish the problem and provide an efficient solution. I often fix the problem on the day! All the hinges and handles are priced via a quotation, which depends on the number you need and the type that I supply.

Industry Expertise

Once your hinges and handles are repaired, you may want to look at your glass. Double glazing repairs are efficiently provided, and I provide specialised repairs on mirrored wardrobes to further enhance your property.